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Marc A. Hürlimann

Marc Hürlimann, born in Zurich, has gained many years of experience in marketing and branding on an international level. He spent more than 10 years in leading positions in the marketing departments of British Airways and American Airlines. Of particular mention, whilst working at the latter, he founded the new market development department for the entire East Coast of the United States; thus setting an important milestone in the success story of the airline.

He returned to Switzerland in 2009 and continued his career in private banking at Credit Suisse. Among other things, he was responsible for the development of the new market development department for the "Ultra High Net Worth Individuals" segment and also supported the sponsoring and marketing department as the Creative Director.

In early 2014, Marc Hürlimann moved to the exclusive private bank Lombard Oldier as Head of Business Development in senior management , where he was in charge of repositioning the bank in the Swiss market.

On the 1st of November 2017, Marc Hürlimann founded his own company Marc WHO? where he offers his many years of expertise and outstanding national and international network of numerous lifestyle and luxury brands.



Marc WHO? offers a comprehensive service package when it comes to positioning your brand, your presence, your customer network and your communication platforms.

Creative Development 


Marc WHO? develops the customized positioning idea for you, which you can pursue with your product and for your target customers. We would be pleased to offer the development of a catalog of ideas, so that a variety of ideas can be played strategically.



If desired, Marc WHO? also adapts an existing idea, develops it further and creates a concept for the suitable implementation, which we would gladly take over for you too.



Marc WHO? helps you find the right customers for your platform. It’s not only the invitation of potential customers which demands attention, but the perfect mix of people is also crucial. Marc WHO? offers an exclusive network of High and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals whom we would gladly invite for you to introduce your brand. 


Creative Location Research

Marc WHO? finds the right location for every need. We have a growing pool of exclusive and exquisite locations to which we have access at any time. In this area, we collaborate with selected partners from the real estate segment, interior designers and architecture offices.

Creative Networking


Marc WHO? assists you in finding the right partner for your brand. Through targeted partnerships, the emotional presence and commitment to your brand can be greatly increased today. For years, Marc WHO? has been cultivating an exclusive network of lifestyle and luxury brands across a variety of segments, including 

  • Cars

  • Fashion

  • Watches & Jewellery

  • Yachting

  • Art & Culture

  • 5* Hotel Business & Gastronomy

  • Property

  • Department Stores

  • Design

  • Airlines

  • Membership Clubs

  • Private Banking


Marc WHO? analyzes the steady evolution and development of new and existing platforms organized by other lifestyle and luxury brands. Therefore, we are always up to date and are able to support you with targeted suggestions and offers.



The digital sector is more important today than ever. Marc WHO? works with the renowned agency Charles Blunier Creative Directions. From brand creation to invitations, the perfect homepage, app solutions and social media campaigns to entire advertising positioning, Charles Blunier's team covers the entire spectrum of this area.



Marc WHO? cooperates with selected PR agencies, which take your brand a step further. In addition, we can help your brand to perfectly position and present itself within selected media channels. In addition, Marc WHO? acts as CEO and co-founder for the editon of STUDIO Magazine – The international magazine for fashion and art.


Marc WHO? offers an exclusive concierge service that caters to individuals and business professionals, but can also support entire businesses.

Creative Investment Solutions

Thanks to Marc WHO?’s exclusive High and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals network, interesting investment opportunities often arise.. Marc WHO? offers both buyers and sellers its exclusive network and looks for the suitable partner for your investment project. The following investment areas are covered by Marc WHO?:

  • Purchase & sale of "private" real estate

  • Purchase & sale of "corporate" real estate

  • Purchase & sale of Trophy real estate

  • Investments in start-up companies

  • Investment mediation in the areas of: 
    Art, classic cars, new watches, vintage watches, design, private jets



Selected Clients



Gladly Marc WHO? stands at your disposal. Feel free to get in touch with your request via the contact email.

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